Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indian DTH Satellite System

Indian DTH (Direct to Home) Satellite systems (Dish TV and TATA Sky etc) are visible like mushrooms in monsoon.
Before writing this post, I had few questions;
- Am I the first Pakistani to write on this topic?
- Is there already some settlement between Pakistan and India on this subject?
So I 'Googled', unfortunately I could not find anything worth mentioning here.
 To my sheer surprise, a Dish TV vendor was selling and installing his products in Rodu Sultan (a small village about 30 km away from Darbar Sultan Bahu in Jhang) Rodu Sultan did not had any electricity once I first saw this place in 80s. First CB exchange was installed some where in 1986. Though today we have DSL also but still it is a small town. [enough of trolling, back to original topic]
I can not say for sure but can safely estimate that number of Indian DTH receiver units operating in Pakistan are in 7 figure count. 
As expected from crippled government department of this age, I could not find 'list of eligible satellite TV channels cleared by PEMRA'. Though there were many references on their website and news items, but clearly defined list was nowhere found. (please give it a try and inform me, I'll amend my post)
PEMRA put us wise on DTH by giving definition and basic idea of the system. well done PEMRA!
Googling further I found a presentation by Mr Manzoor Ali Memon which at least mentions that Indian DTH are operating without any permission. You might be asking , what is actually the problem (مجھے تکلیف کیا ہے). 
Indian channels are pumping in the propaganda through their media warfare; which once Sonia Gandhi claimed that  "we will conquer Pakistan through our media". Okay you want a free media so this argument is not strong enough.
Billions of Rupees are being laundered into India every month for renewing the subscription. ?? What? multiply Rs 600 (average monthly charges) with Rs 2 million (very safe estimate) makes Rs 1.2 Billion. yet to estimate advertisement revenue. Can we balance it with any trade? 
I have already conveyed this point to PEMRA and NAB (for money laundering) on their email addresses published on their website; but know it that nobody would ever open the mailbox. 
My request to readers, please try to pass my concern to quarters who should actually have concern.