Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oppressed and oppressor -- of dogs and dogs
While studying  WWII  in my military history  classes, there were two questions I could not find a satisfactory answer:
1- Why Hitler let Dunkirk withdrawal to happen? and let go 220,000 British and 112,000 French soldiers rather eliminating or capturing them to get absolute victory once he could.
2- Why Japan was nuked, once evil were Hitlers and Germans?
These events  may look irrelevant to what I am going to say about my Pakistan, but just wanted to start in this way.
Starting with just one aspect of recent CNG crises; In a TV program 'News Night with Talat' where he was interviewing few taxi drivers and effect of CNG crises on them. He was told that they were charging more than the double fare on CNG-off days,  even they were driving only on CNG filled a night before.
Who is oppressed and who is the oppressor here? Taxi driver is not looting the policy makers and corrupt politicians rather a common man who is in dire need and is blackmailed to pay double the cost (which is unjustified even in case taxi driver runs on Patrol as cost difference between Patrol and CNG which was 30% is further reduced to 15% due to recent price hike). Strike by transporters against this CNG price hike will effect who? drivers, transport workers, or common man? or all of them? But one thing is for sure that  transport tycoons, policymakers, bureaucrats, and politicians would not be affected at all.
Whenever there is some strike on call of a political party or trader's group; who is affected? only the shop owners and common men.
Once some 'angry mob' burns the motorcylces or rickshaws they actually starve a family who is even more oppressed.
In election, many of the workers give their lives in battle for votes, whereas the elected member happily joins hands with other party and become lota (لوٹا  )without even asking them. Why they be bothered, they are dead anyway.
Some teachers in government schools make sure that no one from their students should rise to success. This is the revenge of a middle class teacher from his fellow middle class parents. The teacher is ready the further suck the blood under the name of tuition or academy.
Now I would try to relate from where I started; Hitler never wanted to eliminate English or French, after all they shared the same race and skin, whereas Japanese were some other race. Both safeguarded each other's prime interests and lives at cost of everybody else in the world. Same thing is happening in Pakistan, oppressed and oppressor belong to the same group and clan --- the middle and poor class of Pakistan. Who become instrument to their lords and alternately play the role, whereas the 'lords' and 'waderas' remain intact in the secret but filthy brotherhood. There is a not-so-nice proverb in Punjabi 'کتا کتے دا ویری (dog is worst enemy of a dog). Who is this dog, is it by race or have become so after receiving doggy treatment for centuries. Bitter words but could not find anything less which could justify the state.
Unlike my previous blogs, I would not suggest any solutions or way out. who is bothered? who wants them to rise? not me who is sitting in a cozy lounge in front of a nice computer, taking sips of coffee made by my cook and my kids study in posh private schools.

Friday, December 9, 2011

CNG Cylinders or Live Bombs?

Following few of the news items, I was really scared about increased frequency of CNG cylinder blasts resulting into tragic loss of precious lives.  OGRA has recently blacklisted 18 firms from providing CNG cylinders. But is this the only reason for these sad happenings?
If one had followed the pattern, almost all CNG accidents are related to commercial transport. Hazards can be identified as under:
 Exposed cylinder as in small loader vehicles, the cylinder is placed on a frame ontop of driver's cabin; the cylinder and pipes are fully exposed to weather and prone to physical damage even in case of minor accidents.
Cylinders under the passenger seats; passengers are likely to un-intentionally fiddle with the delicate high pressure gas pipe fitting as it is directly under them. Internal leakage and ciggerte is sure recipe for big disaster.
Greed; transporters would happily buy sub-strandered, expired and damaged cylinders to save the bucks.
More gas more pressure; to gain extra milage, transported would fit multiple cylenders in most wierd and dangerous way. more so they would join hands with CNG station owners to fill the gas at higher pressure (more than 200 bars).
 Lets enumerate various contributory  factors:
Increased prices of Deisel forced commercial commuters to convert to CNG. but the benefit is not transferred to public. Rents remained the same as transporters say that they had to cover the cost of conversion. Secondly, public was left in agony due to absence of local transport on CNG-OFF days, once their day is ON.
Transporters never comply to any regulations regarding safety and fitness of their vehicles. Our nation has seen the transporter is always the winner as he is decision maker (most of the transport sector is owned by politicians, who would save their interests even at the cost of major government institutions like Pakistan Railway ) and executive (Taxis and local transport is mostly owned/patronized by Police authorities)
 Conversion of  Industry, power sector, and transport to CNG - is it a good decision?
Converting to alternate means is done either to reduce the cost or cover the shortage. In case of CNG, it was due to high price of petroleum products. Converting into CNG was immediate and clear saving, but if the alternate is reasonably cheaper then the result will be total conversion to alternative, irrespective of any regulatory authority. And if the alternate is not sufficient enough to fulfill the demand then its shortage would increase its cost at parity with the main source; bringing users back to square one. That has just happened with us in the CNG sector. The 'bonus loss' was heavy investment in terms of CNG station, selling of CNG licences and cost of CNG kits; not to mention safety hazards due to crippled and dis-functional regulatory authorities.
An other interesting [alarming] development in this regard is that the CNG associations want to put a ban on CNG in private cars thereby promoting CNG only vehicles in commercial sector.
So what should be done:
1. Potent regulatory authority, enforcing safety of fitting and regular inspections.
2- Sufficient number of Labs to test gas cylinders.
3- Civic sense; if it could make some difference.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indian DTH Satellite System

Indian DTH (Direct to Home) Satellite systems (Dish TV and TATA Sky etc) are visible like mushrooms in monsoon.
Before writing this post, I had few questions;
- Am I the first Pakistani to write on this topic?
- Is there already some settlement between Pakistan and India on this subject?
So I 'Googled', unfortunately I could not find anything worth mentioning here.
 To my sheer surprise, a Dish TV vendor was selling and installing his products in Rodu Sultan (a small village about 30 km away from Darbar Sultan Bahu in Jhang) Rodu Sultan did not had any electricity once I first saw this place in 80s. First CB exchange was installed some where in 1986. Though today we have DSL also but still it is a small town. [enough of trolling, back to original topic]
I can not say for sure but can safely estimate that number of Indian DTH receiver units operating in Pakistan are in 7 figure count. 
As expected from crippled government department of this age, I could not find 'list of eligible satellite TV channels cleared by PEMRA'. Though there were many references on their website and news items, but clearly defined list was nowhere found. (please give it a try and inform me, I'll amend my post)
PEMRA put us wise on DTH by giving definition and basic idea of the system. well done PEMRA!
Googling further I found a presentation by Mr Manzoor Ali Memon which at least mentions that Indian DTH are operating without any permission. You might be asking , what is actually the problem (مجھے تکلیف کیا ہے). 
Indian channels are pumping in the propaganda through their media warfare; which once Sonia Gandhi claimed that  "we will conquer Pakistan through our media". Okay you want a free media so this argument is not strong enough.
Billions of Rupees are being laundered into India every month for renewing the subscription. ?? What? multiply Rs 600 (average monthly charges) with Rs 2 million (very safe estimate) makes Rs 1.2 Billion. yet to estimate advertisement revenue. Can we balance it with any trade? 
I have already conveyed this point to PEMRA and NAB (for money laundering) on their email addresses published on their website; but know it that nobody would ever open the mailbox. 
My request to readers, please try to pass my concern to quarters who should actually have concern.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Education and Job - Serious Disconnect

picture source
My nephew did telecommunication engineering from FAST. While hunting for the job he informed me that a job in telecom market is out of question; neither any job is available nor anybody would hire a FAST graduate even if it available; so he should better be looking his future in some software house. Being among the senior most community of telecom engineers in Pakistan (with single digit PEC registration number), it felt very wierd. FAST has enjoyed the reputation to produce excellent computer and software engineers, but so pathatic state of telecom engineers?
Okay, I got him the entry pass into one of the reputable telecom company using or misusing my contacts; but clearly told him that it is his own race where he has to prove that my reference was worth it. After couple of months, he told me a totally different story:
"There are many posts vacant, but they are not finding a suitable person to enroll. The applicants only have the degree but no 'aptitude' or 'commitment' to work. The company has asked me to find at least two guys like myself."
Sounds like a real problem, isn't a Telecom Engineer not qualified enough to be given even entry level jobs in the field?
Once I generalized this observation, I was, well really, horrified.
In all electronic and mobile maintenance workshops, how many are electrical diploma holders?
How many site supervisers for road and bridge construction are qualified associate diploma in civil Engineering?
Haw many accountant and 'Munshees' in medium scale business and industry are C/D, I or B.comm?
How many BA in physical education, Punjabi literature are doing the job they had been studying?
Do any of the licensed driver on road have ever attended a driving school, even for one week?
There are two problems:

  1. A big disconnect between education we are imparting and the job and profession in the offering.
  2. The education in a particular profession is not good enough to do even entry level job in the same very field.

Well we all know it more or less; someone or somebody has to do this or that or push a button to put the things right and that somebody is not me.
But there is one more aspect that compelled me to write all this:
If a person educated, qualified and trained for a job is not doing that very job and busy in something he is not educated, qualified or trained; he is causing a double loss: one to the job he is doing, and second to the job he was trained but not doing.
Part of the fault may be attributed to 'aptitude', as brilliant students are to become a doctor or engineer due to social pressure, irrespective of their aptitude. But major reason and contributory factor in my opinion is that the we have compromised on lower (or may be lowest) skill level during our education and training. An MA English is unable to write an application for job, as our acceptable standard was to reproduce 'parrot' (رٹے رٹاے) paragraphs. Instead of raising the education quality to raise the level of students we are continuously lowering our acceptance levels. We have bonded ourselves in curricula of textbooks where even a word out of text book is 'out of course' and should neither be taught nor tested.


  • Getting happy that our kids are getting more than 90% [as a parent] we should be more realistic to ask schools that how 50% of the children in same class be exceptionally higher than average.
  • We should pay more to teachers, specially elementary schools teachers (I saw in math book of my 4th grade daughter the concept of cellular automata; actually the word automata was used there, but I can bet anything on it that not a single teacher in the entire school would have any idea what this crap is).
  • As a parent, we must listen and try to assess real aptitude of kids.
  • Schools must hire professionals to conduct regular aptitude tests so that kids be guided towards the fields of their interests.
  • Lastly people like me, who cry a lot about faults in system, must spend time in schools. Try to offer small lectures sharing personal experiences and asking them to THINK.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jhoonga - Part 2

In continuation to my previous post on the subject:

I have started to conclude that all our problems are linked with this jhoonga culture. In my last post I have already mention that jhoonga is never free, and jhoonga taker is paying much higher price in some other currency. It is also the strength (زور بازو ) of jhoonga taker that how much he grabs the jhoonga. In this process, many a times he takes major share of others as well 'depriving' them of their 'rightful' jhoonga. I would elaborate with some examples.
- An office holder takes charge of all vehicles of the office and distribute as one for his primary use, second as alternate vehicle, third for kids school pick and drop, fourth for begam sahiba and fifth and last for the one who delivers daily milk and vegetables to his house. He takes all the allotted fuel as well, forcing others to use their own vehicles for official job or donot do the job (no body would ever ask any way).
- A street vendor gives free fruit to police wala to let him stand at most inappropriate (best place from his business point of view), and gets the benefit of increased sale due to prime location. Cost of this free jhoongs is borne by pedestrians.
- AC of sahib's office is switched on all the time and that too at lowest temperature, because that sahib will not pay the bill; wapda would not be pushed to bill him as meter is faulty for last 3 years, and payment is done by others who are burdened with additional bills due to inflated 'line losses'.
- Bada sahib (بڑا صاحب ) can produce medical bill of Queen Victoria Hospital UK for his flu, that includes travel and hotel for his entire family. He snatches 90% of medical budget of his entire ministry in this jhoonga.

What is the solution????
If all jhoongas are monetized; from cost of shopping bag* and free 'dhania / mirch' to transport and medical expenditures; that monetized amount is added to the salary. Isn't it workable? why dont we ask political parties to include anti jhoonga point in their manifesto?

*(one mostly pays for the shopping bag in USA)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pakistan - Who are the Stakeholders?

Today I noticed a facebook comment and was greatly disturbed. Everybody has its own opinion and they are free to express it (like I am doing right now) and I would try to find an answer to a question which is 'lurking' in my mind. I am afraid to ask, yet want to:
Who all are stakeholders in Pakistan? Whose lives and deaths are associated with Pakistan. Who do not have any run-away plan in case (نعوذ باللہ)  some thing bad happens to my Pakistan?

Let's start probing one by one:
The person in question has very clear and announced associations. Though he is speaking for himself but some, though very weak, thoughts of Pakhtoon alliance out of Pakistan do exist.
Coming to religious hardliners, two extremist groups are sponsored by Saudia and Iran, and off-course they are pro-Saudi and pro-Iran. They have very strong [but politically and racially wrong] urge to join their sponsors leaving aside Pakistan.
Talking of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and even military is useless as they ensure a safe-house in UK or UAE before they step out from the office.
Separatists in Balochistan always talk of independent Balochistan; even so called moderate and educated people of that area are very clear in their preference; if time comes.
Echoes of Jinnahpur are still heard and it is believed to exist in heart of the hearts as fallback option.
Kashimirs; after so many battles are not ready to declare themselves Pakistani; rather happy in proclaiming their independent status, which they would like to maintain in any future solution of Kashmir.
The Jagirdars جاگیردار , Waderas وڈیرہ  and Mazara مزارع/ Hari ہاری of Punjab and Sind would hardly be affected in the state of Pakistan. The wadera was wadera in British time, he is wadera now and would remain wadera whoever rules the country and whatever the geographical borders are. Similarly, mazara would remain mazara in all situations.
Businessman and investors would be extremely happy if there is rule of law and justice, may it be through US owned Pakistan or broken Pakistan. Their business would harldy be affected. Their only worry would be transition time, which they would like to keep as less as possible.
Talking of person working on daily wages and small vendors, no one expects any change in their life.
Are we finish with all? not yet.
Who are the ones benefiting from Pakistan? in present time, earlier and in foreseeable future?
Sorry to say, but corrupt and incompetent ones who manage to find their way in jobs and government. Should Jinnah's Pakistan have any place for such people?
And lastly those moderate minded people who just want their identity as Pakistani and want to raise the Pakistani flag much higher than their linguistic, racist, religious or regional flags.
Who is in majority? an interesting question. I have a very strong believe supported by my observation that extreme hardliners are very few. Tacking them all irrespective of their pole would hardly come to 10%. They are exploiting the mob mentality of Pakistanis who just follow the wind.
I would agitate your thought believing you to be among 90% that you would not let others hijack your mind,
Think for yourself and think for Pakistan.

Isn't time to wakeup?

Referring to a recent agreement between India and Afghanistan (, I would request all Pakistanis to go through it and awaken about yet another fiasco. 

I' ll  refer some of the excerpts below. My fellow Pakistanis, please wakeup and react jointly as Pakistani shedding away and regional, linguistic or religious differences. It is already too late, the next generations would never forgive us for criminal negligence.

Text of Agreement on Strategic Partnership between the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

October 04, 2011

RECOGNISING the time-tested and friendly relationship between the two countries, underpinned by historical and cultural ties;

EMPHASISING the fundamental and lasting importance of the Treaty of Friendship between the Government of India and the Royal Government of Afghanistan of 4 January 1950, and subsequent Agreements and Joint Statements;

APPRECIATING the significant expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries and, in this context, the sincere and generous assistance that the Republic of India has provided to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan over the past ten years;

SEEKING to impart a long term commitment to their multifaceted bilateral relations and to actively develop them in political, development, economic, trade, scientific, technological, cultural and other fields in the years ahead;

1. The Sides agree to engage in close political cooperation and, in this respect, establish a mechanism for regular bilateral political and Foreign Office Consultations. Political consultations will be led by Foreign Ministries of both countries and include summit level consultations convened at least once a year.

2. The Sides agree to consult and cooperate at the United Nations and other international, regional and multilateral fora. Such cooperation is to be aimed at influencing decision-making in these fora in the interest of both countries. Cooperation at the UN and multilateral fora would include:

(a) Joint initiatives on key regional and international issues;
(b) Support for the reform and expansion of the United Nations Security Council, including a permanent seat for India in the Council.

5. India agrees to assist, as mutually determined, in the training, equipping and capacity building programmes for Afghan National Security Forces.

3. The Sides agree to take effective measures to create a favourable environment to promote trade and investment. The measures shall include, among others:

(a) Enhancing investment protection;
(b) Simplifying customs and other procedures and promoting the removal of non-tariff barriers, and gradually lowering tariff barriers;
(c) Working towards the creation of air-cargo facilities for promotion of commercial exchanges;
(d) Cooperating in the areas of banking and finance, and improving credit and insurance facilities and;
(e) Enhancing cooperation and coordination at international trade, economic and financial bodies.


3. As part of its highly successful annual scholarship programme, and the broader strategy of support to higher education for Afghanistan, India will continue to expand education and training opportunities in India through the ICCR and ITEC scholarships, and multilateral-funded programmes.

(a) Responding to the requirements of Afghanistan, India will explore avenues to expand scholarships in medical, engineering and management institutes of India; and
(b) The Sides will also encourage and facilitate annual student exchange programmes at the school and university levels.


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of India go forward in this partnership, re-asserting the fundamental and lasting spirit of the Treaty of Friendship between the Government of India and the Royal Government of Afghanistan of 04 January 1950, which states: "There shall be everlasting peace and friendship between the two Governments who will further strive to maintain and strengthen the cordial relations existing between the people of their respective countries."

Signed on the 4th October 2011 at New Delhi in four originals, each in Hindi, Pashto, Dari and English languages. However, in case of any discrepancy in the text or difference in interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

(Manmohan Singh)
Prime Minister
of the Republic of India
(Hamid Karzai)
of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jhoonga.. جھونگا

Today I was watching Hasb-e-Haal, and during the discussion 'Azeezi' used the word 'jhoonga'. As most of the audiences had no idea about this words so he explained with his childhood experience that after purchasing something from the shop he used to spread his hand and used to ask the shopkeeper 'jhoonga?'.
It reminded me of my childhood too, and at the same time told me that I am also as old as to be included in 'old' generation.
Jhoonga جھنگا ، جھونگا یا چوہنگا  is a widely used word like
 "یہ حکومت ہمیں جھونگے میں نہیں ملی، " (jhoonga in the meaning of cheap or easy) .x. "سیلاب متاثرین کی امداد جھونگا ہی ثابت هوئی" (jhoonga in the meaning of less or meagre) . The word triggered a thought in my mind; about our national mindset; giving some explanation to unexplained type of behaviour that we as a Nation and as an individual are exhibiting in our personal as well as professional life. Let me explain what I want to say:
The young boy is representative of the family whom his house-folks trust and give him money to buy the household stuff, which he would be using himself too.
The shopkeeper knows that if he make this boy happy, he would always come to his shop, so he gives 'jhoonga' happily, even [apparently] at some cost.
The [stupid or may be oversmart] boy would be ready to buy at comparatively higher price just to get a better 'jhoonga'.
I remember the types of jhoongas:
- A piece of Batasha or Tangree (بتاشہ یا ٹانگری ) dont ask me to explain what it is, ask your father or mother.
- A small biscuit (which was priced one paisa at my time)
- Sweet aniseed, just a pinch-full.
- Cashback (one or two paisa).
above examples are good only for kids under 11-12, as one grows older the forms of jhoonga change as:
- offering a priority service, putting aside the current customer.
- satisfying the ego by saying 'malik sahib', 'mian sahib', 'khan sahib' etc.
- offering a seat to sit.
- offering free sample to taste (specially for fruits)
- offering a glass of water or [stretching all the limits] a chilling cocoa cola.
What the shopkeeper achieves:
- a permanent customer, who never complains.
- selling his product at high price.
- handing you over the rotten/expired stuff as you are too busy in tasting the free sample or sipping the cocoa cola.

Are we a Jhoonga hungry Nation?
- Our servant buys the things at much higher price (for his jhoonga)
- While making deals with contractors (in official capacity) we are more focussed towards jhoonga than the actual product.
- While voting we are doing the 'namak halali نمک حلالی' with the Baryani plate.
- While approving policies in assemblies, we are interested in jhoonga of minister-ship, plots or contracts.
- Even the peon demands jhoonga of tea just to tell the boss that you are outside to see him.
There are thousands of examples. But is it what we made Pakistan for? who inculcated the habit of jhoonga in our blood? have we even tried to get rid off this habit? or even identified it as a social disease?

Jhoonga is always a jhoonga; always too less that it can never replace the main potion; one can never bank on it. Moreso jhoonga makes you to beg for it. 
Ask for yourself that is there any jhoonga worth the humilition of begging? or worth loss to the main potion (job or inventory)?
Stop taking jhoonga in any form and stand up as a Proud Pakistani
کیونکہ یہ ملک ہمیں جھونگے میں نہیں ملا، اس کے لیے  ہمارے بزرگوں کا خوں بہا ہے' 

for part 2:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

چلی ہے رسم..... Zameer Awakenings

Listening to the cricketer Shoaib's allegations on everybody except him, I realized that such "zameer's voice" ( ضمیر کی آواز  ) is becoming a regular phenomenon in our country. In recent past we have witnessed the [in]famous zameer of Zulfiqar Mirza, then counter-zameer of MQM; going a little back the zameer of ex-foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi; moreso zameer of some ex-spy masters who manipulated elections. And don't forget the zameer awakening of a foreign minister after the Shimla accord with Indra Gandhi (with thousand apologies)... where we are going?
The common things in these zameer awakenings are:
  • These zameers were sleeping like a dead frog unless some personal interest was directly affected.
  • These awakening caused (or made to cause) attraction of masses, and a massive response in terms of people in the streets was expected.
  • These zameers were ready to play dead again, on call of 'his beloved leader', or some mufahimat مفاہمت .
  • Awakenings are staged in a way that our media frenzy population forgets every other issue; Timing is always very critical.
  • Some of the awakenings are money triggered (our cricketer would not have got the same money from Pakistani media).
  • Zameer awakening of media anchors make them hop between news channels.
These awakenings have played an outstanding role to divert the attention of mass media and awam from the current and core issues directly affecting them (this was done with danda ڈنڈا and censorship previously)

The results of these zameer awakenings are:
  • Political parties and their splinter group who are ready to 'cross the floor' on their zameer's call - origin of lotacracy لوٹا کریسی
  • Culture of hatred and extremism among people; and worst type of depression ( ناامیدی  ) for my young Pakistani.
  • Lot of money in the hands of exploiters and lastly the 'ever confused awam ( عوام  )'.
Are all these awakenings are bad? Not at all. صبح کا بھولا شام کو گھر آ جا ے تو اسے بھولا نہیں کہتے .
And Tauba ( توبہ  )  is granted by Allah to the sinners. Condition of tauba is nee'at نیت   . It is not possible to see nee'at outrightly but time would definitely tell. However, as a nation we have a very small memory span. One should always remember the awakening of our  قائد اعظم  who left All India Congress and very high paying job to lead Muslims of this area.
I hope this make us curious to differentiate کہ یہ  ضمیر کی آواز ہے ، یا ضمیر کا سودا ہو رہا ہے ؟

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jhang - Let's make it an IT City

Pre-Partition Punjab; Jhang is marked green; red is present day Punjab
Last week I found a map of pre-partition Punjab and saw my city Jhang standing as very big and important one. You may also notice Shahpur, an other big city whereas Sargodha, Faisalabad (even Lylepur) and many other cities along the GT road are nowhere to be seen. What all factors changed the map to present day's Punjab province? Politics, governance, economy or military?
There's a very good paper describing changes in the segments of agriculture, industry, information and service in last 150 years.
How our region, specially my city was affected?
I would not start from hunter's age as it is very rare to be seen. Very small population in snowcapped mountains may still be living in this age, but it has no bearing on rest of the world.
The areas that purely stayed agri-based are still living in 19th century, hardly any change is visible in their culture and priorities. Jhang (and Shahpur) were unfortunate ones to stuck in 19th century. The cities that embraced the industry are far ahead (take example of Faisalabad).
An other contributory factor was distance from GT road; I remember that in my childhood, every new brand, promotion or offer appearing on TV was to reach Jhang with lapse of years. Going to Lahore used to fulfill our fantasy of enjoying Polka Ice-cream, as it was nowhere available in Jhang. Things used to reach Ghotki first and then Jhang.

Present age is info-technology age. If Jhang has missed the opportunity to develope in the industrial age, it must grab its rightful share in the age of IT. Number of computer institutes giving useless skills will not help. There is a large number of IT professionals (including myself) who are ready to work on IT development projects. No, it would not be based on funding; but based on consultancy and technical support. To establish a software house, the only investment needed is a PC; to sell product one has to make a cyber-mall on Internet. Genuine product and Idea from Jhang would have same opprtunity to be sold in USA/ Europe as the product of 'IT cities' around the world.
Be mindful, your DSL connection is directly connected to Info-Highway.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wikileaks Extra !

Wikileaks are claiming to expose Govenments, but there is one more group who is getting more exposed. Interestingly that group thinks they are the ones who have the very right of exposing everybody else.

I have examined some of the extra-extra whistles on wikileaks.At the end cablegate ref id# are also given:

I read all and marked the actual word of cables as under: please compare the actual words and amplified and malafied whistles.

Actual Cable:
#140777. (S) In response to Fallon’s questions regarding military assistance, Kayani first focused on the need for surveillance assets.  Emphasizing the urgent need for tactical SIGINT capability for Pakistan’s military aircraft, Kayani said he understood the U.S. was working on this issue and would have an assessment team in Pakistan shortly.  Kayani said he was not interested in acquiring Predators, but was interested in tactical level Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs).  He noted these were expensive and asked if the U.S. could grant or loan them to Pakistan.  ISLAMABAD 00000609  002 OF 003  CHALLENGES IN CLOSE AIR SUPPORT

News item:
KARACHI: Secret internal American government cables, accessed by Dawn through WikiLeaks, provide confirmation that the US military’s drone strikes programme within Pakistan had more than just tacit acceptance of the country’s top military brass, despite public posturing to the contrary. In fact, as long ago as January 2008, the country’s military was requesting the US for greater drone back-up for its own military operations.

Actual Cable:
#147015.    (C) Admiral Mullen began by telling Kayani that a U.S. SIGINT team had completed its initial assessment of Pakistan’s requirements and that they intended to propose options to assist them in developing a solution.  Admiral Mullen then asked Kayani for his help in approving a third Restricted Operating Zone for U.S. aircraft over the FATA.

News item:
In another meeting with US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen over March 3-4, 2008, Kayani was asked for his help “in approving a third Restricted Operating Zone for US aircraft over the FATA.” The request – detailed in a cable sent from the US Embassy Islamabad on March 24 – clearly indicates that two ‘corridors’ for US drones had already been approved earlier.
Similar thing reffered here too:

The para marked in red is the one on which the author is commenting about the airspace. Asking Kayani's help means that army has to give an NOC to Government before final decision is made. Term "restricted operational zone" pertains to flight path over Pakistan for the US flights moving in and out of Pakistan to Afghanistan. Same flight paths are used by international air traffic. A country gives a restricted zone for international flights (even domestic) to operate and they are not allowed to divert from that. It is pertinent to note that "third restricted zone" means that only two flight paths had been allowed and they wanted to open a third path for their ease in move. For surveillance and operation, you do not ask for "restricted zone" whose use is pre-coordinated as per international flight rules.

So beware my brothers just dont follow the 'cooked analysis' before making your opinion

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

کیا یہ وہی پاکستان ہے ...

No this is not my Pakistan....
where all Muslims were to be brothers,
where we had to experiment and practice all Islamic concept of Government and economy,
which had to emerge as Fort of Islam,
where we all were to be Pakistanis, no Sindhi, Balochi or Punjabi,
where, even the left out families in India were also Pakistani, how come we have Muhajir in Pakistan?

I want my country back, I want my Pakistan back. My Pakistan which has been hijacked by corruption and incompetency. Which has been de-railed further in any attempt to put it right through stopgap marshal laws.

The generation who had given us Pakistan did their job extremely well in but they were too much occupied in building the country that they could not do the nation building. They could not transfer those character traits which made them stand up-rightly infront of Hindu and English. It is just like a self made person who starts from tatters and eventually emerge as business tycoon, but in the process fails to give time to his own kids.

That generation deserves all the praises, whereas loss to this generation is part of the process. One may also call it 'collateral damage'. Now things are in the hand of young generation, who have all the energies to get the real Pakistan back. 

Leadership crisis is also counted towards a big problem, but who stops us from putting only those things right which are directly under our control. We may start even with cleaning the part of street on our door instead of waiting 'committee wala' to do the job. We may show our will just by stopping at the red light even if there's no one to check. Let's start it right now.