Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jhoonga - Part 2

In continuation to my previous post on the subject:

I have started to conclude that all our problems are linked with this jhoonga culture. In my last post I have already mention that jhoonga is never free, and jhoonga taker is paying much higher price in some other currency. It is also the strength (زور بازو ) of jhoonga taker that how much he grabs the jhoonga. In this process, many a times he takes major share of others as well 'depriving' them of their 'rightful' jhoonga. I would elaborate with some examples.
- An office holder takes charge of all vehicles of the office and distribute as one for his primary use, second as alternate vehicle, third for kids school pick and drop, fourth for begam sahiba and fifth and last for the one who delivers daily milk and vegetables to his house. He takes all the allotted fuel as well, forcing others to use their own vehicles for official job or donot do the job (no body would ever ask any way).
- A street vendor gives free fruit to police wala to let him stand at most inappropriate (best place from his business point of view), and gets the benefit of increased sale due to prime location. Cost of this free jhoongs is borne by pedestrians.
- AC of sahib's office is switched on all the time and that too at lowest temperature, because that sahib will not pay the bill; wapda would not be pushed to bill him as meter is faulty for last 3 years, and payment is done by others who are burdened with additional bills due to inflated 'line losses'.
- Bada sahib (بڑا صاحب ) can produce medical bill of Queen Victoria Hospital UK for his flu, that includes travel and hotel for his entire family. He snatches 90% of medical budget of his entire ministry in this jhoonga.

What is the solution????
If all jhoongas are monetized; from cost of shopping bag* and free 'dhania / mirch' to transport and medical expenditures; that monetized amount is added to the salary. Isn't it workable? why dont we ask political parties to include anti jhoonga point in their manifesto?

*(one mostly pays for the shopping bag in USA)

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